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SUMMARY: Getting that first step in – toward working abroad in humanitarian work – is daunting. We offer four career services for those entering or advancing in an international development career: 1. career counselling is the foundation and sometimes the only career service needed. 2. Most international NGO jobs ask 3 – 5 years international experience! We have international volunteer programs that provide the necessary experience and skill development. 3. Job boards show you only a fraction of the possible job vacancies. Most people do not really know “what is out there.” For those ready to pursue an international job, I can create an annotated comprehensive list of all the international NGO’s to watch and those with current & pertinent jobs abroad. 4. Novices and experienced international aid workers both use our resume builder and cover letter tips to help you get your foot in the door! Our goal is to help you succeed at your international career!

We have 4 Career Services that are designed to help you enter or advance in work abroad:

It is an “a la carte menu”. Together, let’s decide which services fit best for you.
But if you take all the Career Services, they usually go in this order:

~ International career counseling – aka international career coaching – is our signature career service
~ Ann McLaughlin MSW brings 25 years international & counseling experience to power pack career counselling sessions

~ A wide place to start.
~ We discuss your goals & dreams; how international development works; the roles; the skills needed; how to break in.
    By the end we are talking steps & strategies
~ For most people, only the first Consult is needed.
   The first Consult is 1 -1/2 hours for $110. Subsequent Consults are $75/hour.
    Contrast this with most career counselling that is $125 – $175/ hour!

“Speaking with Ann was terrific: she helped me see doors that I never knew were there; she challenged me to think in new ways. I really felt that Ann understood me and where I want to go. Most important, she had great ideas how to get there.”          Neal, Ireland

International Volunteer Programs in 4 regions:

~ Most international humanitarian employers require 3 –  5 years experience.
~ We have built international volunteer programs that can build essential skills & give you the necessary experience!
~ Our volunteer abroad programs tackle the challenges humanity faces. More “real”.
~ More bang for your buck.  ~ 1/3 the price of most international volunteer programs. Affordable.
    There is some variance by region and program,   but most of our volunteer abroad programs are ~$1,160 for 1st month;
    (less if you don’t go for a whole month); $360/month for room & board for following months.

3. Roadmap of Resources

~ Most people do not know what NGO  jobs are out there…or the “lay of the land”.
~  Job boards show you only a fraction of the job opportunities.
~ You must really know the key  international aid organizations to watch & go to their site to look for jobs.

What , the dickens, is a Roadmap of Resources?!

A Roadmap is a treasure trove of resources!
to show you how to get, step-by-step, to your career goals.

~ A detailed report – 100 to 200 pages in 5 to 9 attachments – ideal for:
    ~ Entering or advancing in humanitarian work abroad
    ~ Opportunities from entry level to advanced – showing you the key players  –  so your Roadmap is useful for years.
    ~ Annotated with recommendations about steps & strategies about how to get your foot in the door
~ Takes 4 – 5  long days to  make a “Paid” Roadmap which includes all pertinent, current job openings: $400.
     So 40 – 50 hours of work for $400. You are paying me about $10/hour. Lots of work.
     When I do not do all the legwork researching the obscure but treasured job openings,
      but all the relevant organizations for you to watch over time: $300.
~ Discuss with Ann if you are READY for a Roadmap.


“Ann’s Roadmap helped me land a job in Micronesia.
….Ann demonstrated an uncanny ability to get to the (spiritual?) heart of the question: “What is it that YOU want to DO?” and then relate the answer to an impressive list of real & practical opportunities. What more does one need?!”      Sid Merritt, UK

~ In international humanitarian work,  you compete with people from all over the world for one measly job.
    It is often uber – competitive so critical to have a stellar cover letter & resume to get your foot in the door!
~ I will coach you in how to craft a cover letter & resume that “sing”…that strut your skills & why they want you on their team
~ It is much less expensive to edit & coach, than write it for you. This way, you build skills that you will use your entire life.
~ We bat drafts back & forth, polishing & bringing it to life.  $50/ hour. Usually takes 3 hours for CL; 3 for CV.
    Thus you get a compelling resume for $150 vs $375 – $500 that most charge to write it for you.

“Ann you taught me so much more about resume & cover letter writing than anything else I have ever been taught or learned online.”
“Ann’s fees are low compared to others so affordable on our two-kid-family budget. …I learned so much!”

~ So you wrote such a smashing resume & cover letter, they called you for an interview! Great!
~ Now you have got to ace the interview too. No worries: we can do really fun but crucial prep & practice for the interview.


It can be a long, hard career journey.
But don’t give up. Get some help if you need it.

I am here to help.

My goal is to help you realize your dreams & help you to make a difference in this world.

If you would like to Volunteer Abroad or Career Services to Work Abroad,
please BRIEFLY answer Questionnaire & paste with resume into email to::

After Ann gets your Questionnaire & resume, we will do free Intake discussion to determine which Career Services to Work Abroad or International Volunteer Programs fit best for you.  It is only after that Intake discussion that you pay on the Payments page here:

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