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Custom-Fit International Service

Founder and Director - Ann McLaughlin

Ann McLaughlin, Founder and Director

What inspired the birth of NGOa
broad? Upon return from work in the Balkans, friends and colleagues asked me how to find international work. I realized that many people dream of serving abroad but have
no idea how to accomplish that goal.

I am well suited for this work: I have extensive knowledge of regional history and current events which is critical to preparing others for work abroad. I have traveled in other parts of the world, most of it by bicycle - Ireland, Scotland, England, Switzerland, and France; Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala; Japan and China; India and Sri Lanka; Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia; Turkey and Greece; and South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho. Like most world travelers, I am an adventurer: an avid mountaineer, bicycler and kayaker.

Most importantly, for the last fifteen years, I have been accumulating resources. I am the kind of person who must know the "Big Picture" before I zero in. (You learn the usefulness of this as a counselor.) So I  researched culture, history and current events on: Eastern Europe and CIS (the former Soviet Union), Africa, Latin America, and global future trends. This research informs what I offer you.

As a Social Worker with 27 years of experience, I am deeply committed to humanitarian work. Social Workers have earned their reputation of knowing the resources. I am no exception. I know hundreds of international grassroots organizations and NGO's (non-government organizations). With NGOabroad, I serve as a career counselor matching your skills, interests and goals to humanitarian needs. The creation of NGOabroad is the integration of Ann McLaughlin, Social Worker and my fascination with world cultures, history, and events. In my youth, I wanted to change the world. Now I want to enable many people to change the world; I want to harness your talents and contribution.  It is tremendously exciting work.  I look forward to working together. Ann McLaughlin signature

Our Partners in our Volunteer Programs are an important new part of our team. Many of our Partners are colleagues that we have already been working closely with and have come to deeply trust & respect. Specific information about the Host organizations and the Directors is given to you when you
apply for a Volunteer Program.


Mary Ellen Walker,             International Advisor

We are lucky to have Mary Ellen on the team. She is a walking encyclopedia about travel safety & travel health with extensive experience in Public Health. She has touched almost every corner of the planet and she has a extensive understanding of world cultures and world events.

"Do you realize what a resource you have in Mary Ellen?"
emailed Phillis Morgan after her Africa health consult. "Uh...yes. That is why she was recruited to be on the team."

I have been pushing Health Consults ever since someone got worms in their feet in Kenya. Many health problems can be prevented.

Mary Ellen will go over the list of every possible disease & how to to prevent or resolve so that you are a Walking Encyclopedia too!

We educate you rather than babying you. (Called "capacity building" in many parts of the world.)

Wise advice: A firm believer in carrying only one rucksack so that it will fit on your lap on the bus, Mary Ellen can advise which materials dry overnight after washing them in the sink, when to pay a bribe....

To schedule a consultation with Mary Ellen,
talk to Ann at info@NGOabroad.com.

Cultural Consultants

Daran Kravanh, Cambodia,                                         
       Author of Music through the Dark
Chan Pongkhamsing, Laos
Shanika Weerasundara,  Sri Lanka
Fadjar Thufail, Indonesia                    
Emilija Raicevic, Serbia (Jugoslavija)
Irina Florov, Bulgaria
Inna Condrea, Moldovia
Masha Marcy, CIS (Russia)
Reluca David, Romania
Orla Beggs, Northern Ireland
Ivan Hernandez, Mexico
Nelly Grant, Nicaragua
Valeria Lawning, Chile                                                 Wenani Nakokunya Kizito, Kenya
Ernie Chi Cho, Cameroon
Vatalis Nwaorie, South Africa
Nan Hammett, Senegal                                                   Sarah Farah, Somalia
Sarah Zweig, Jordan

Consultants for India, Iran, and Mongolia chose to     not have their names on the Web.

To schedule an appointment with a Cultural Consultant,
arrange with Ann at info@NGOabroad.com

Team!!                  StandupCambodia

 Behind the Scenes

Thanks to the team behind the scenes!
Kim Johnson, Business Consultant
Robin Standish, Organizational Consultant
Jay Borseth, Webhacker
Vanessa Johnston, Communications Intern
        Ryerson School of Journalism, Toronto

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