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SUMMARY: Volunteer abroad with NGOabroad to both see the world and serve the world. NGOabroad volunteer abroad programs were made for people that really want to make a difference: students who have dedicated their studies and then their lives to changing the world. Volunteering abroad in our international volunteer programs – many of them cutting edge – gives great experience in micro-finance, international development, renewable energy, international social work to name a few. We have summer volunteer programs; but most of our international volunteer opportunities are offered year round. We  also have new Gap Year programs for those doing a Gap Year. Our volunteer programs abroad are frugal and meant to be affordable for tight student budgets. In addition to international volunteering, we also have career services which help you enter work abroad in humanitarian work. Interested? Please email us your BRIEFLY answered Questionnaire & resume and we can discuss which volunteer abroad or career services fit for you.

We have volunteer abroad programs & international internships in a wide variety of fields & majors -- good for undergraduate, graduate & professional experience -- to help you become a change - maker:

Microfinance,  entrepreneurship, business, business analytics, marketing….. environmental policy, environmental activism, live-able cities, renewable energy, restoring the rain forest….  global health or public health, nutrition, health promotion & health prevention, water & sanitation….. nursing, medicine, midwifery, lab tech, dentistry…… international social work, psychology, trauma counseling….. education, early childhood education, youth workers, people that love kids, sports coaches….  women’s rights,  human rights, law,  political science & democracy building….. public administration, organizational development, launching a social enterprise or directing a non-profit….. global studies, international development…… speaking Arabic, Swahili, Spanish or French….. teaching English….  engineering, architecture….. chemistry, physics, biology, computers….. communications, writing, drama, dance, music, art therapy….. agriculture, animal husbandry.
We also have international volunteer opportunities based on your avocational interests: e.g. yoga, baking, photography.

We have 2 threads to what we offer - 2 avenues by which you can make a difference -
they can be intertwined or not depending on what is most useful to you:


Do you have Gap Year programs? ...You bet!

Our volunteer programs in Thailand, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal & Honduras are especially well suited for gap year volunteering, but other options may also fit for you.  Send Questionnaire & resume then we can discuss which volunteer abroad programs fit best for you.  It is actually more helpful if you have not locked in to WHERE you want to volunteer. After seeing your Questionnaire & resume, together we can figure out what fits best for you.

What are the most important qualities that you look for in international volunteers & interns?
Self-starters, resourceful & cultural grace

It’s all about attitude & cultural grace. High maintenance doesn’t wash well in other countries. I have had organizations tell me that they do not want to take international volunteers because it takes too much of their time & energy. I had a doctor in Thailand tell me: “I spend 3 hours a day taking care of volunteers’ needs; that’s 3 hours less a day that I can be serving as a doctor.” So we look for people who have lots to contribute; & are no/low  fuss. What some in-country directors explicitly ask for is interns or volunteers who give more than they take.

Do you have paid internships or volunteer opportunities?

I wish! Alas, my directors in Africa, Asia, South America & the MENA region often scrape by financialy and may not even be getting paid,  so they really do not have the money to pay international interns or volunteers! It is more likely that you will find paid internships in the corporate sector, and rarely in the international humanitarian sector.

That said, usually when people ask this question, they are looking for how they can afford to volunteer abroad.  I recommend to students that they check at their college or university. Knock on every door. More and more alumni are dedicating money to international internship funds.

And if there are not pots of gold, I recommend work and save, work and save. I had a student come to me years ago. She was putting herself through college, but she had been to Africa three times! I said to her: “How do you do this?! It will be helpful for others to know.” She said: “You notice, Ann, I applied to volunteer with you, a full year ahead. I put the charges on my credit card; now the heat is on to pay them off.  When friends ask if I want to go out to dinner or a movie, I say, “No, I am saving for Africa.” I go to school full time and have three jobs. So just hard work is how I do it.”

Can anyone work abroad?

Our specialty is helping people into international humanitarian careers.  You have to have the qualifications for such international NGO jobs. We have helped several people with particular requests, including paid English teaching jobs. We don’t usually help with waitressing or nannying or construction. But send us your Questionnaire & resume and we can sort out if and how we can help.

Do I have to be a student to volunteer? No!

Though large numbers of people that volunteer with us are students, you don’t have to be a student to volunteer!  Mostly what we are looking for are people who can really help & make a contribution. So the young man in Seattle who is an awesome football coach and is always bringing the families together at potlucks, is golden.  He is saving every penny so he can play plane fare to Honduras or Ghana to work with youth! Send us BRIEFLY answered Questionnaire & resume and we can figure out where you best fit.

Students' Testimonials about Volunteer Abroad or Work Abroad

International Social Work Internship
“When I decided to do an international internship for my social work degree I had no idea how time consuming the search would be. Before contacting Ann at NGOabroad, I was overwhelmed by the number of international NGOs. Ann and I discussed my experience and my interest in working with women, particularly the trafficking of women. Thank you for having the perfect trafficking  internship for me. “

                                                                                              Tania Dickson
                                                                                               Halifax, Canada

Fundraising and Volunteer Management Internship
“NGOabroad is the best kept secret for anyone trying to find an international paid job in the nonprofit sector. As a soon-to-be graduate, I contacted NGOabroad to help me find an internship and paid work abroad as a professional fundraiser or volunteer manager. Ann helped make the daunting task of researching international NGO’s and nonprofit organizations an efficient and less intimidating process. I am very grateful to have come across this very affordable and convenient service. I’d recommend NGOabroad to anyone who’s serious about accomplishing their goals to work or volunteer abroad. Ann has valuable resources and insight to help people realize their dreams. Thank you Ann, you truly are an angel and have opened many doors of opportunity for me.”

                                                                                                                                              Heather Bryce
                                                                                                                                              Toronto, Canada


Career Coaching:  I Have a Dream: The Rectification of Justice

In our intake, I asked Brashawna what she wanted to do. ” I want to work on the rectification of justice in Spanish speaking countries and then come home and work on it in Atlanta.”  Overcoming adversity, Brashawna went on to Law School.

“I must say, I’ve never encountered anyone so determined to help me achieve my life long goals. My relationship with Ann lasted for a little over a year. With her help as my Career Coach, now I am able to pursue my dreams.”

                                                                                                   Brashawna Funderburg
                                                                                                    Atlanta, USA

 International Studies Graduate
“Ann,  Thank you! I’ve already sent a bunch of emails to US offices about internships!  Thank you sooo much, its awesome!!  Thank you so much for your advice and support.  I am not sure what I am going to do with myself once I graduate, but it is a significant comfort to have more of my options laid out in front of me.  I appreciate the time and energy you put into creating lists of opportunities  [Roadmap of Resources] for me.  It is pretty amazing how, after speaking with me only once, you put together a list that fits exactly with my goals.”

                                                                                                                                                 Katie Spencer
                                                                                                                                                 Minneapolis, USA


International Relations Internship in Mongolia
“When I looked for a volunteer job by myself, it was a series of disappointment; high cost on  participating in a project, out of my interest, and so forth. NGOabroad saved me to get out of that situation and helped me to find a way to make my dream come true. Just a small courage to contact this organization has given me significant and incredible experience!  I appreciate for huge effort that Ann made for me!”    @@@@

                                                                                                                Masumi Narita
                                                                                                                Tokyo, Japan

Special Request – Roadmap of Resources: Working with Autistic Children
“I thank Ann very much for the resource lists sended. I looked for  possibilities (volunteer opportunities and paid works) to work and live good quality of life earlier and had a lot of disappointment. I have got very detailed information from Ann about working with autistic children in Malta and other Mediterranean and European countries. Ann is honest, works quickly and soundly, does not discriminate adversely and she has  helpful attitude according to my experience.”

                                                                                                                                             Csaba Farkas
                                                                                                                                             Kecskemet, Hungary

Public Health: Resume & Cover Letter Overhauls
A friend recommended NGOabroad to me after I completed a Master’s of Science in International Healthcare at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.  At Bocconi, I met  Jovita, very bright, determined & destined to make a difference. After graduation, Jovita was having difficulty finding work in her home country, Uganda. Knowing that NGOabroad assists people in entering international work, I contacted Ann. Ann helped Jovita clarify her long-term career goals and matched her education and skills with potential NGOs. Ann’s help with cover letters was pivotal  in Jovita getting her dream job. NGOabroad exceeded all expectations I had.”  

                                                                                                                                            Michelle Darbous
                                                                                                                                            Seattle, USA

Special Request – Roadmap of Resources:  Working with Deaf Children
“I had a dream and to make those dreams come true you have to have the right people on your side. I plan to travel the world and volunteer with Deaf children and hopefully change their world for the better. But as a dreamer you always have disbelievers, but it only takes one believer to make that dream come true. Her name is Ann and not only did she believe in me but she gave me the belief in myself. The fee was a miniscule price to pay for the service NGOabroad provided. The information she accumulated for my list in a couple days is more than I have in 3 years as an ASL to English Interpreter student at George Brown College. Bless you Ann for being an incredible person, for believing, for motivating, and for making my dream a possibility. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it is ever possible for me to reciprocate your graciousness I will with honor.”

                                                                                                    Christopher  Des Loges         
                                                                                                    Toronto, Canada

Neuro Science
“Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to volunteer abroad. In the past couple of years I have done some quick searches via the internet looking for organizations that can help me do that exact thing and I wasn’t too successful, until I came across NGOabroad website. It was almost too perfect to be true, someone would compile a list that would cater to my needs…WOW! And I am still amazed at the lists I received from Ann. NGOabroad has put me one step closer to making my dream of volunteering abroad come true.”

                                                                                                                                          Nafisa Jadavji
                                                                                                                                          Lethbridge, Canada


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