Coronavirus job coach and life coach

When your world is rocked, it is time to rock!

Wow, COVID-19 or coronavirus has rocked the world! Has it rocked yours?

Are you out of work?
Wondering how you will pay the bills? Feed your family?

While you may be out of a job, it does not mean you need to be out of work.
Creating work requires creativity and imagination – makin’ something out of nothing.

This crisis will test all of us.  It will call upon strengths and skills we did not know that we had.
When the going gets tough, the touch get going.


20 years experience in career coaching and entrepreneurship

For 20 years, I was a psychotherapist. (Sorry, I cannot help with psychological and emotional problems in this context.) Most of what I did was help people find their way out of personal predicaments and figure out how to get to their goals. I helped people figure out solutions. Thus, I am a skilled life coach.

 In the past 15 years, as Director of NGOabroad, I have done a tremendous amount of Career Coaching and Career Counseling. I have helped people articulate their goals and dreams and helped them get to them.

In the developing world, I have helped people learn entrepreneurship – how to make a simple enterprise to feed your family.

To get Job Coach or Life Coach services,
please send Questionnaire and resume

I have learned in the Career Coaching I have done that I can save you from having to pay for our first session by getting that background information via the Questionnaire. This is designed to save you money.

Please copy and paste the following questions into the body of email and BRIEFLY answer;
and then COPY AND PASTE your resume below Q into body of email. Do not attach or photograph.

BRIEFER is better. You don’t need to write essays…you can use single words or clauses in most of it.
Please do not number questions or use bullet points…. just write a few words to right of question.


How can I be of help to you?
What are your tangible skills and talents?
What are your interests?
What is your life dream or goal? What do you most want to accomplish in this lifetime?

Please tell me about where you live and the situation there. (This is important so we can better figure out enterprise to make.)
What equipment, tools or resources do you have? …or have available to you?

It helps to know some about you as a person:
How would you describe your personality?
What are your personal strengths?
What makes you grumpy?
What makes you anxious or scared?
What are your faults?
How do you handle your faults?

Please describe an experience that reflects your resourcefulness or self sufficiency?

Slightly different question: what is the hardest moment in your life and how did you cope and get through it?

Your name?
Phone number?
Where you live? (so I can figure out time zone)

I will call you and we can arrange time for session.

You make payment on Apply page.

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