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SUMMARY: Has your life’s dream been to be an international aid worker or work in an international NGO job? International Career Counselling aka International Career Coaching, our specialty, is ideal for people seeking work abroad in humanitarian work. Working abroad is competitive so international aspirants find it especially helpful to find out EXACTLY how to work abroad. NGOabroad Career Counseling is also ideal for domestic careers and job search in your own country. This is career counselling online done by phone or Skype with people all over the world. As a career coach and job coach, I rarely help with corporate careers. I help more with humanitarian work; career transitions; or inventing your own career path by launching your own business or social enterprise. My goal is to help you make a difference in this world.


Career Counselling is a bridge

from where you are now to where you want to be

Who is my Career Coaching designed to help?
~ Recent graduates & students
~ Mid – career shifts
~ People launching a social enterprise
~ Retirees considering their contribution in the next chapter of their lives
~ International Career Coach
   for people entering or advancing in international humanitarian work
~ People laid off or out of work…stuck in the doldrums.
    Our Career Services are designed to lift & launch you!

“You have a gift for understanding what each of us is looking for.”

International Career Counseling aka International Career Coaching, our specialty,
is ideal for people seeking international NGO jobs or international humanitarian careers.
Career Counselling is also perfect for domestic careers & job search in your home country.

Stumbling block or stepping stone?

Ann McLaughlin MSW brings 25 years counseling experience to help you:
–identify your strengths & what excites you to build the foundation of your career plan
–clarify your goals  & contribution… establish your launching pad
–plot the steps & strategies to reach your goals

For those entering or advancing in working abroad, we discuss:
–how to work abroad
–the history & evolution of international aid work
–the possible roles & sectors of aid work
–the skills for you to add or build to be competitive
–the qualities & kind of personality international employers are looking for
–Most international jobs require 3 – 5 years experience
   so we will discuss ways to get the necessary experience
–By the end, we will discuss steps & strategies to reach your goals

1st Consult is 1-1/2 hours for $110. Subsequent Consults are $75/hour.
Compare this to most career counselling that is $125 – $175/hour!

This is online Career Counselling done by phone/ Skype with people all over the world.
If you are interested , please email answered Questionnaire & resume to:

Educational Guidance: what to learn and study to prepare to work internationally

Are you not really ready for career advice; but want help with the first steps?  For people who are wondering what classes to take or how to prepare to work in international development or otherwise “change the world”,  Ann now offers Educational Advice. Often colleges have an academic, theoretical  emphasis, and often you will need more practical skills. Some  people never received helpful guidance so they get off on the wrong foot and I think “Why didn’t you come to me earlier!” Let Ann know if this would be helpful to you and we can set it up.

World Change-Maker:

Build Skills in International Development and Social Work

World Change-Maker does not cover the same ground that I cover in a Career or Educational Consult but it complements it. I wrote the book to fill a gap because so many people coming to me were missing the essential skills for working  internationally. This book is also ideal for those volunteering abroad.

Testimonials about Career Counselling & Career Coach

International Career Counselling: From Architect to Work Abroad
“Ann,  your extraordinary career guidance encouraged me to stretch and reach for what I want rather than settling for mediocrity. After two short weeks of active job searching, I have an interview for a choice position. Thank you!”

                                                                                                     H. Geib….  Atlanta, USA

Career Counseling: Graduate Looking for Work
“If you looking for new perspectives in your job search, Ann is the one to talk with. She is a natural at transforming an overwhelming situation into a manageable one.”
                                                   Danielle Prince…. Seattle, USA

International Career Coach: Water & Waste Water
“Ann has an uncanny ability to drill down and bring to light that which I know to be true – a passion pursued is a destiny fulfilled. I couldn’t get to sleep after our consult considering the possibilities.”

                                                                                                     Brian Standley…. Mississippi, USA

Career Counseling: Attorney
“Ann, I have spoken to more than a few Career Counselors and I have found none of their career advice to be as useful as yours. I appreciate not only your investment in my success, but your client specific approach as a career advisor. For the first time I felt that someone was really listening to what I want out of my career and responding with unique approaches to help me get to what I want.”

                                                                                                        Z.R…. New York City, USA

International Career Coach: Entering International Development Work
“Ann definitely knows her stuff. She took the time to understand my needs and my passion. She lays out what will work and what won’t. The one hour dialogue with her was worth every dollar I spent. I now feel that I have a concrete career path to pursue and don’t feel so limited in my options. Ann’s Career Counselling is a must if you are job searching or changing careers.”

                                    Esther Ndegwa…. Nairobi, Kenya

Career Shift from Marketing Pharmaceuticals to Marine Biology
“Ann is full of first hand career advice and targets what you need. Her years long experience are clearly heard through the conversation. She gives you clear step-by-step hints and is checking whether you follow. She helps with the ultimate goal: success for you.”

                                                                                                            Darja Ribaric…. Slovenia

Career Coach: On Starting a New Enterprise
“Ann thinks like both an architect & the carpenter. She is both a dreamer & a do-er;  both a conceptual thinker & practical. She can imagine what doesn’t exist yet,  and then help you build new career options or social enterprises.”         

                                                                                                             Ernie Chi Cho…. Cameroon


Affordable Career Counselling

Most career counselling is $125 – $175/hr!

My Career Coaching is $110
for first 1-1/2 hour Consult;
$75/hr for further sessions.

Before you pay anything, we ask that you email BRIEFLY answered Questionnaire & resume to:

Ann will call you to do (free) Intake to discuss which Career Services or International Volunteer Opportunities fit best for you.

Then you pay on the Payments page here:

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