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SUMMARY: Want to volunteer in Asia? Great! We would love to have you volunteer abroad in one of our programs in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Thailand or Indonesia. We have a broad range of volunteer abroad programs from our trafficking program in Nepal to our Barefoot Counselors or micro-finance programs in India. Most of our international volunteer programs are open to everyone, i.e. our Gap Year program in Thailand, or teaching English in Nepal or India, or office help in Sri Lanka. Some of our international volunteer opportunities require certain skills such as in our internationally acclaimed democracy building program in Mongolia or our renewable energy program in Nepal. Our volunteer programs in Asia are designed to be affordable & custom-fit. If you will send us your BRIEFLY answered Questionnaire and resume then we can discuss which volunteer programs abroad fit best for you.

Volunteer Abroad in Democracy Building, Political Science & Public Administration

MONGOLIA’s changes: the fall of the Soviet Union birthed a new democracy. The discovery of Mongolia’s mineral wealth, has required Mongolians to watch that the profits do not just benefit a corrupt few. Work in internationally esteemed organization helping build democracy in Mongolia!

SRI LANKA under Rajapaksa read  like a thriller: nepotism, corruption,  the killing of 70,000 Tamil civilians at the end of the civil war.  Their focus: political “consciousness-raising” in the villages.

Who is needed?
~ Public Administration students & MPA’s who can strengthen civil society
~ Sociologists & public policy experts who can train non-profit staff how to measure baseline and the changes made by  new policies. “Help us learn how to shape questions and analyze data.”
~ Law students & lawyers who can recommend changes to new laws;  monitor contracts
~ Help in criminal justice; judicial reform; conflict of interests; anti-corruption; election monitoring or election finance
~ In SL,  community organizers & activists needed but do not need to be an expert to help raise awareness at the village level about how to identify and resolve community & political problems

Mongolia is undergoing dramatic changes

Volunteer Abroad in Law

NEPAL has also undergone important changes: from monarchy to Maoist rebels to democracy. This org specializes in taking legal cases that will shift policies or impact many people.

Who is needed?
~ Attorneys or law students to help build cases
~ Students aiming for law school – especially those willing to do legal research
~ Human rights activists, women’s rights, environmental law
~ People interested in democracy building from the ground up ~ case by case

Volunteer Abroad in Business or Micro-finance

INDIA: Come work at a MFI (micro-finance institution) in India that is much like Grameen: helping the poor in many ways – “self help groups”; health care, children; solar, community development.

Or come work in our Sri Lanka Business program where they create enterprises – spices, scuba diving – that support their community development work.

Who is needed?
~ Finance, business, micro-finance, marketing,  entrepreneurship – students or seasoned professionals
~ MFI most needs data analysts who can crunch numbers & glean the trends in their women’s groups
~ Because most foreigners can not speak local language, can not work directly with MFI beneficiaries
~ NEPAL renewable energy org needs business expertise to assess markets & expand business

Volunteer Abroad or Intern in Environmental. + Urban Planning

INDIA: Work with one of the most esteemed environmental organizations in Asia addressing
environmental research,  public education and impacting policy and public behaviour in air, water & wastewater, habitat, waste, industry, energy, governance, climate and food & toxins.

VIETNAM:  Work with dynamic organization that educates public and designs action campaigns about climate change, sustainability, renewable energy and the illegal wildlife trade.

Who is needed?
~ Environmental Studies and Sciences
~ Water & Sanitation & Public Health
~ Environmental research. e.g. in Chemistry re toxins, air & water pollution levels
~ Environmental policy making  &  Public Administration
~ Environmental Journalism
~ Climate Change
~ Environmental Justice & Activism

SRI LANKA: fascinating urban planning organization is rebuilding slums. This opportunity is only well suited for experienced urban planners or architects. Like India environmental org, the goal is to figure out how to make live-able cities in Asia.

NEPAL: Water & sanitation org does important work but is very selective. Mostly only takes people experienced in water purification & treatment; & waste water treatment.

Volunteer Abroad or Intern in Renewable Energy

NEPAL:  Ground-breaking renewable energy org is doing very scientific & business savvy approach to solar, wind & bio-diesel. Great place to get experience!

Who is needed?
~ Environmental Studies students & grads to research successful renewable energy projects all over the world & how those models can be adapted to Nepal
~ Mechanical & electrical engineers to help with designing, building & installation
~ Chemical engineers to help with development of bio-diesel projects
~ Business majors & grads to assess markets in Nepal & how to market to Nepalis
~ Finance majors & professionals to help develop plans to be affordable to Nepalis

Volunteer Abroad Helping Prevent Wildlife Poaching & Trafficking

In 2014, it was reported that  100,000 elephants had been killed in just 3 years. In 2017, 1,000 rhino were poached in South Africa. Indonesia is losing up to 10,000 pangolins a year to poachers. Volunteer with an organization that works to cut down the demand in Asia.

Who is needed?
~ Environmental Studies & Environmental Sciences students & professionals
~ Wildlife Conservation & activists
~ People that can write or speak in compelling way  – media, journalism, theatre, artists –
   to help with public education & action campaigns

Volunteer Abroad Helping Prevent Sex Trafficking

NEPAL: 5,000 to 10,000 Nepali women & girls are abducted to the brothels of India every year.

Your help is needed!
~ Work in the remote, impoverished villages where the traffickers prey . Great for hearty hikers!
~ Teach English so that the girls can work in tourism – Nepal’s main employer – give the girls an alternative so they have another “ticket out of poverty” rather than be tempted by this “job” in India.
~ Law students or lawyers to teach women their rights & how to avoid trafficking.
~ Teach any skill that will help young women gain employment or set up shop on their own:
esp needed: hoteliers, hospitality, trekking, tourism, restaurateurs, shop owners
~ Grant writers & fund raisers needed!    

Sex trafficking program in Thailand would like strong Christians to teach vocational skills to kids that have been rescued: building trades, painting, restaurant/ cafe work, secretarial. What could you teach?
(The founder of org was trafficked at age 4 & rescued at age 14. Christ was/is important in his healing.)

Volunteer Abroad with Kids in Dance, Music. Drama. ...Great for Gap Year!

THAILAND: use dance, music, drama/ theatre as a way to work with kids with developmental disabilities: autism, Asberger’s, mental retardation, ADHD.  Have you ever seen how someone with autism can remember & quote a script?  Absolutely stunning. The arts serve as a way to focus the kids’ attention (and for the ADHD kids to learn to not be so squirmy) …a way for the kids to learn to interact and develop social skills….a way to gain self confidence.

Who is needed?
~ People with a background in dance, music or theater are treasured
    or even music therapy or dance therapy…+ special education background
~ But really, the volunteers who are most important are people who love kids!
    i.e. You do not need specialized skills, just lots of patience & love
~ Great for Gap Year!

Volunteer Abroad in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy or Special Education

INDIA: Of all the Asian countries, India has more services for people with disabilities.
Come work in pioneering clinic that helps kids with cerebral therapy learn to walk.
Or teach kids with developmental disabilities to speak, read or interact.

Kind of help  needed?
~ Occupational therapists. Physical therapists/ Physiotherapists. Speech therapists.
~ Special education teachers
~ Psychologist to do initial testing. Parent advocates.
~ People to help build splints & braces.
~ Students who want to get experience/ supervision & seasoned professionals both welcome.

(Our physical therapy program in INDONESIA is currently on hold.)

Volunteer Abroad in Social Work, Psychology . .....+ Empowerment of Girls

1. INDIA: new “barefoot counselors” programs.

~ Need psychologists, Social Workers – students, professors & professionals – to teach para-professionals and families about mental health issues & build clinical skills

2. INDIA: train & teach community college students about Geriatric Social Work.

~ Need Geriatric Social Workers, Psychology students and Physicians with an interest in Geriatrics.

3. INDIA: single moms who want their girls away from potential physical, sexual or alcohol abuse, bring their girls to this “home” – so they are not abandoned but protected.

~ Need  Social Workers & Psychologists – or students – to counsel girls or train staff re abuse
~ Women’s Studies majors who want to help with empowerment of girls – via tutoring & mentoring

4. THAI – BURMA BORDER: youth workers needed to train youth about trafficking, drugs, child protection, goals.
     They have a phenomenal music program so that youth are positively engaged vs turning to drugs.

Volunteer Abroad in Education or Teach English

NEPAL is a poor country with over 1/4 people living below the poverty line.
An education and learning English are a potential “ticket out of poverty.”

Come teach kids at our school in Kathmandu. The kids speak Nepali so the English that you are teaching them becomes the medium of exchange.

Who is needed?
~ You do NOT need special certification to teach English here
    It is great if you have TESOL or ESL training but NOT required
~ Required: great with kids! Engaging & patient.
~ Experienced teachers & Education majors that can bolster staff skills
~ If you have experience teaching or tutoring primary school kids in math,
    reading & computers those skills also helpful
~ Let’s talk about if this would be good Gap Year opportunity for you.

Volunteer Abroad: Medical, Nursing, Nurse Practitioners & Dentists

THAILAND: Faith-based trafficking org needs Christian nurses & nursing students who can do physical check-ups on their 20,000 rescued kids in their 27 homes. They also need dentists/ dental team.

SRI LANKA:  clinic in Colombo serves the poor & clinic in the south serves rural villagers. They need nurses, nursing students, nurse practitioners,  doctors, medical students, lab assistants, optometrists, ophthamologists, dentists, dental assistants, EMT’s. Ideal if you can speak Sinhalese.

INDIA: clinic needs experienced gynecologists, orthopedists & pediatricians. We are also piloting nursing students joining their nursing students when they do outreach into community. Translators will be provided for doctors.

THAI – BURMA BORDER: nurses & nursing students needed to teach about health promotion & sanitation.

Volunteer Abroad in India: A Model for Development . Practical & Vocational skills needed

This is a life changing place. It debunks the myth that a society needs lots of money to create a high standard of living.  Make this your first stop: learn the secrets to their societal success then help transplant them.

Their formula for success? High literacy. “We educate our people then all of our other social concerns– health care,  hunger, clean water–can be addressed.” Come to a place where kids ask, not for candy, but for pens so that they can do their homework! This is a great place for families.

Gandhi believed that if you strengthen the livelihood skills in rural areas, Indians would not flock to the city slums looking for work. So come help with vocational skills or in their Gandhian school (age 4 to 22.)

Who is needed?
~ Creative writing teacher.  Computer teacher. English teacher.  Sports coaches.  People that love kids!
~ Ceramics/ pottery.  Bakers. Mechanical engineers/ inventors/ handy people. Organic farmers.

THAILAND: faith-based trafficking program also needs people with practical skills to teach their kids job skills:
~ Construction, painting, landscaping, furniture making, electrical, plumbing
~ Secretarial/ office work, cafes & restaurants, internet marketing. Do you have a practical skill to contribute?

Volunteer Abroad in Journalism

We have precious few journalism placements because in so many parts of the world it is risky if not downright  dangerous to be outspoken. But this placement  in Sri Lanka welcomes investigative journalism.

SRI LANKA: Gutsy, provocative, innovative. Covering stories that others don’t dare.
Covering human rights, humanitarian work, peace building, civil society and democratic governance.

Who is needed:
–Journalists & journalism majors with strengths in both written & audio visual media.
–Strong writers & thorough researchers. Strong investigative journalism skills.


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