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Partners: Central & South America      

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1) Improving Rural Life in the Andes
2) Serve & Surf
Education, the Ticket out of Poverty
4) Caring for Kids
5) Medical & Nursing
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c. Down the Road
Improving Life in the Andes:
Building a preschool & vocational center; a library & computer center

Our partner in the Andes said: We have a school for 6-12 year olds. In addition, we would like a school for younger children; a library & computer center & a vocational training center.

Initial skills needed: Construction, masons, builders, brick makers

Later skills needed: early childhood education; people that love children
Computer teachers; librarians; vocational skills teachers; tutors & teachers.
Business brains that can help develop alternative livelihoods & enterprises.
Develop creative ways to market crafts.


c. Meghan Colvin
Serve & Surf

You would not believe how many people say,
"I love surfing! I want to volunteer where
I can surf."  We aim to please.
Here is where adventuring meets service.

Skills needed:
Youth workers, social workers, counselors,
       drug counselors, mentors
"Outdoorsy people", surfers, hikers.
Administrative & organizational help.

         c. Manoocher Deghati


c. Thomas Muirhead
Education is the ticket out of poverty.

An innovative school with an innovative approach to lifting people out of poverty.
Rather than be victims of poverty, this school teaches how to take charge of their lives.
..Another school is new & bursting with creative possibilities.
The Chicken Soup Brigade of the South is devoted to AIDS families.

Skills needed:
People who  love children & youth. Parents & grandparents.
Teachers. Early childhood education. Tutors. Art Therapists. Librarians.
Nutritionists. Medical. Dental. Social work & psychology.
Construction. Project development & project management.
Business development. Micro-finance. Artisan marketing.


Caring for Kids, Kids, Kids

Poverty hits the littlest the hardest.
Often when I family can not feed their children,
children end up on the street to fend for themselves.

Come work & play with these kids.
We have opportunities in amazing settings
in the Caribbean, Central America & South America.

Skills needed:
Lots of love. Ideal for youth or "retired parents."
Stable presence as many of these kids have been abused & abandoned.
(Background checks may be required.)
People who love children. Tutors. Sports coaches. Teachers.
Psychologists, social workers & counselors, speech & language therapists.
Massage therapists; occupational & physical therapy.
Administrative wizard--those that help an organization function.
Vocational trainers--carpentry, crafts, baking, gardening, animal husbandry
Maintenance people to help with upkeep of facilities.

c. Nick Buxton


c. David Zimmerly
There are many opportunities for people with medical or nursing skills

Skills needed: nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors,
medical students, public health, logistics, organizers.

There are many skills needed that are not called for on this page.
If you want to contribute but a suitable opportunity is not listed here,
ask for a custom fit Roadmap of Resources.

Our Partners Volunteer Programs are some of the best.
There are other choices that can be accessed by a Custom Fit List of Opportunities. Ask.

Photo credits for top block: Citizen X; David Zimmerly; Kimberly Johnson

How the Partner's Volunteer Program works:

Frugal: Our programs are 1/4th the price of the big international programs. See fees.

Home Stays:
Most of our Partner's Programs offer Home Stays. This keeps the cost down & deepens your understanding of daily life: fetching water, no electricity. Or you can stay at a guesthouse.

We believe that you can immerse in other cultures if you are well prepared:  Travel & Cultural Consults maximize health & safety.

You can go on Partners Volunteer Programs at any time of year, with the exception of school schedules. It is simple to apply. (Click.)
These are not group experiences. How long that you stay can be discussed with the Host Director. Your schedule can usually be accommodated.

Real contribution: our Partner's Programs are cutting edge so your skills & experience are needed to advance the work of pioneers.

Other options: We developed the Partner's Volunteer Programs because people requested them. If you do not find something that fits you then read about a Custom Fit List of Opportunities

and people's Testimonials about Lists.

Transportation: Many people wonder who pays airfare. 97% of the time: the volunteer. Your host organization cannot afford to. 50% of humanity makes <$2/day. If you need help with expenses, ask about a List of Opportunities. More personalized matches may be able to help with expenses.



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