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            Ideal for students, mid-career and over 50. 

International Careers & Volunteering

Take 14 minutes to answer.  You don't need to labor over this, just breeze through it.
Briefer is better.  Please use single words & phrases not sentences or essays in top half.
e.g. Personal interests? Soccer, drumming, documentaries, cooking
Leave questions intact; just  blurt answer to right of question (vs numbering or bullet points)
so that we can glance & "get" your answers.
Thank you for your interest in international service!

What do you want to do regarding international service?
What are your skills?

Personal interests?            

Long term goals?

Where do you want to serve? Why?
When do you hope to go? For how long?
After reading the entire NGOabroad website, what services do you seek?

What countries have you lived in or traveled to?
What languages can you speak?
What is your religion?
What experience have you had with other cultures?
What experience have you had of poverty?

When traveling, do you prefer comfort & security or rugged & adventurous?
Will you travel solo, as a couple, as a family or with friend(s)?

Do you have any special concerns or considerations?

medical conditions? mental health conditions? disability? Please specify.
(These would not necessarily exclude you, but should be considered in where you are placed.
i.e. You might want to be closer to medical facilities.)

Have you ever been arrested? Convicted of a crime? Please explain.

(Now sentences may make more sense in starred questions:)

*Please give an EXAMPLE of how you respond to the new situations & the unpredictable….

Or give an example of a crisis and how you responded. 

How would you describe your personality?

Most people paint themselves as saints in the Questionnaire.
The purpose of the following questions is to recognize certain behaviors or attitudes
that may or may not fit in other cultures. Please be honest about yourself: 

What makes you grumpy?
What makes you anxious or scared?
What are your faults?
How do you handle your faults?

*How street smart are you? Explain.

*Describe an EXPERIENCE that reflects your resourcefulness & self-sufficiency. 

If you are seeking assistance entering international work, please list the efforts that you have already made to obtain international work. 

How did you hear about NGOabroad? 
If found by a web search, do you remember the key words?
Have you read all of the NGOabroad website so that you are ready to proceed?

Your name?
Where were you born and raised?

Date of Birth?
Where do you live now?

What do you do?
Skype address?
Permanent email? (not student email account)
When can you be reached?
(Most return phone calls to North & South America are made after 3pm Pacific time;
 when it is 6 - 8 pm in Europe & Africa; when it is ~noon in Australia & NZ and ~7am in India.)
Please give 2-4 chunks of time, 1-4 hour blocks, when you can be reached.
Emergency contact person?
Their  email & phone?

Thank you for taking the time. Please copy and paste your answered Questionnaire with your resume into the body of an email. Do not attach. Put in the subject line: your name. Profession or skills. When you hope to leave. Location. Phone. This is the foundation of your Master File. We will try to keep all essential info about you on this one thread so information about you is easy to find.

Submitting this information indicates to our staff that you are interested in pursuing one of our services. We move quickly on applications so that we will not be buried in emails. Please be as available as possible by email and phone after submitting your resume & Questionnaire. Please do not call us but communicate by email instead. Thank you for your interest in international service!


    (Sorry you can't copy our address, but now neither can the spammers!)