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International Volunteering & Careers

People over 50

We Treasure People with Years of Work & Life Experience

We have 2 threads to what we offer;
they can be intertwined or not, depending on what is most useful to you:

Humanitarian Work

 Volunteer Abroad

Re-tread or Re-tire?

Already retired or looking to retire soon?
Feel like you are just catching your second wind?

Want an active retirement where you can "give back"?
.....Where you find new meaning and fulfillment?

At 40 or 50 are you slightly shifting direction and thinking,
"How and where could my skills really, really help someone?"

NGOabroad was made for you!

We can accommodate your tweeky back!

We do understand that if you have had a knee or hip replaced
that you may not want to walk all the way out to the rural villages in Cameroon.
So we will flag down a motorcycle taxi for you.

By 50 or 60 or 70, we understand that you may have a tweeky back
so we will be sure that you have a comfy bed wherever you are.

We understand that you may need or want to be near a clinic or hospital. No problem.

You need or want to be in touch with your kids, grandkids or aging parents?
Cell phones and Skype make communication possible from almost anywhere on earth.

So....We are ready for you when you are ready for one of the richest times in your life!
Nelson Mandela was 72 when he was released from prison. His most important work came later.
Gandhi led the Salt March when he was 61, beginning his years of non-violent resistence.

The First Step in an Active Retirement

"After searching on-line through myriad ads seeking volunteers for positions abroad, all of which sounded very similar, and for most of which you paid a large fee, I came upon NGOabroad, which sounded different.

After 40 years as a physician, I am finally in a position to retire. I needed to do something to refresh me after years of stitching, looking down throats and calls at 2am. I didn't want to do medicine. I am grateful that Ann understood that I preferred to teach even though they need doctors at their hospital and clinic placements. Ann suggested that I teach science
at a secondary school and teach at a nursing school in Uganda where I am currently teaching.

So what is different about NGOabroad? They don't just stuff you into a generic placement doing work that anyone could do; they take the time to provide a volunteer experience tailored to your skills and goals. And equally important, they can provide placements suitable for people with years and years of experience."

                                                                                                                                       Robert Drickey
                                                                                                                                       Colorado, USA

Parents, Foster Parents, Aunties & Grantparents Needed

"I raised 4 of my own kids and 5 foster kids. I've spent countless hours over the years  helping my kids with their home work. Ann said that I was a perfect fit for the Ghana program where I could help kids with their homework. I could not have
been happier. I loved the Ghana coast."

                                                                     Mary Mc Murphy
                                                                     Vancouver, Canada

NGO Consultant: "NGOabroad is unique"

"NGOabroad is the only volunteer organiztion that could really make good use of my skills and many years of experience in  consulting to non-profits. Wandering around the NGOabroad website provides the first inkling that this is not just another "fill international holes with human pegs" organization. Your first contact with Ann will confirm your positive hunches. NGOabroad engages you in the one-to-one process intended to first get to know your needs and wants and then to optimally match your skills with certain of her grassroots partner programs. Really now - is there any other way you'd rather try to do this?"
                                                                                                                                      Dave Chase
                                                                                                                                      New Hampshire, USA
Life Calling to Feed the Hungry

"I grew up on a farm in Nebraska. I have always wanted to see that the hungry are fed.
I have expertise in Food Processing.--I know canning, preserving, ingredient technology, food safety and slaughtering and meat processing. I have worked for three decades in
the US. As I get older, I feel more pressed to fulfill my life long dream of doing my part
to see that the truly hungry of this world are fed."

"Ann: I reviewed your lists of opportunities [Roadmap of Resources] today.
The info that you have put together is priceless. Kudos for your fine work!!

                                                                                   Stan Wallen
                                                                                   Chicago, USA

NGOabroad helps with the second career, an international one!

"Ann brought a depth and breadth of experience, insight and knowledge to my international job search.  I never could have achieved this on my own. I wholeheartedly recommend Ann to anyone considering a paid or volunteer international position."

                                                                                                  Phillis Morgan
                                                                                                  San Diego, USA

  "In the first half of life you do what you think you are supposed to do.
 In the second half of life you do what you are called to do."
                                                                                        paraphrase of Carl Jung


                                                      NGOabroad is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)