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         Ideal for students, mid-career and over 50.

International Careers & Volunteering

International Work

NGOabroad is
a unique service that  helps you enter or advance in international development work.

We offer 3 Services to help you:
 Career Consultations            
                                                      Roadmap of Resources
                                                      Cover Letter, Resume & Interview Help

Fees & Practicalities
A climb not a leap
"Ann's Roadmap helped me land a job in Micronesia.
...Ann has demonstrated an uncanny ability to get to the
spiritual?) heart of the question: "What is it YOU want to DO?"
and then relate the answer to an impressive list of real and
practical opportunities. What more does one need?!"     
                                                                   Sid Merritt, UK


1) Career Consultations
--A Career Consultation is often the foundation for other Career services.

Ann McLaughlin MSW brings 25 years counseling experience to help you:
   --identify your strengths & talents to build your foundation
      i.e. dig down to your roots & what excites you to inform the emerging career plan.
   --clarify your goals & contribution... to establish your launching pad
   --discuss if/how your ideal fits reality:
      what the needs are in other countries &  "how the game is played" in international work
   --identify how your skills fit internationally or at home
   --plot the steps & strategies to reach your goals
More & more people choose to do a series of Career Consults.

"I've spoken to other Career Counselors and I have found none to be as useful as yours."

"Ann brought a depth & breadth of experience, insight & knowledge to my international job search.  I never could have achieved this on my own."

c. irin.   After Pakistani quake.





2) Roadmap of Resources
The Roadmap connects ideas to tangible reality. In the Consult, we map the steps to your goal.
      A Roadmap shows you the resources to get you, step by step, to your goal.
   --a Consult & Roadmap complement each other;
     they are our “1-2 punch” for those interested in international work.
   --Roadmap is a annotated report, divided into files sent to you by email.   
a Roadmap is personalized to your skills, interests & goals.
      That’s why it takes daaaaays to make it for you.

  -- Why is a Roadmap so helpful?
       Despite the wealth of resources on the web, most people only know the big names:
         e.g MSF, CARE, UN, Peace Corps.
       Such resources are glutted with volunteer & job applicants.

-- Knowing a wider variety & lesser known resources
             is critical to getting an international job.

      e.g. We had a man who set up schools in refugee camps ask for a Paid Roadmap.
      We helped diversify his scope & gave him entirely new angles to approach his goal.

      e.g. A man who worked in Africa then got his PhD in Public Health & Horticulture
      asked for a Paid Roadmap.  Where would this guy look for work?!
      We gave him 100+ pages of paid opportunities and organizations to watch.

  --Looking for an international job? Ask for a Paid Roadmap:
    packed with current job openings & the organizations to watch for openings.

  --Wide variance on Roadmap content: different skills, different locations = different resources.
  --Your skills & experience determine if you qualify for a Paid Roadmap. Ask Ann.

"Ann, you really opened my eyes to the possibilities!
You looked at things from such different angles that entirely new options opened up for my skills."



Fees for Services
    --Career Consultations are $75/hr & Cover Letter/Resume Consults: $50/hr.
         This is half the price that most career counselors charge.
         You can get a considerable price break if you choose a series of Career Consults.
    --Regular Roadmap: $300
 This fee pays for the 10-35 hours it takes to create a personalized Roadmap
       and the 15  years of Research & Development to create the original resource base.

       Paid, Complex or Couples Roadmap: $350 as these take longer to make.

      Many career aspirants decide to start with our partner Volunteer Programs.
  Our Partner Programs are good entry points for international experience.
  Development workers need years of international experience to get that first job.

  Our fees are a fraction the cost of other services. We are intentionally affordable & frugal.

  --Please embed answered Questionnaire & resume
     in an email to info @ NGOabroad. com
     & we can discuss which services might be most helpful to you.

 --We serve people all over the globe. How? Email, phone & Skype.
 --Payments are made through Paypal buttons on Apply page.

MBA: International Business: Small & Medium Enterprises
"Ann has been a Godsend to me: a life coach, a career counselor, a mentor.  In trying to make a career change into international development, she understands my situational constraints and is helping me work around them.  She offers concrete, clear (and often amusing!) guidance, supportive encouragement, and laser-like insight.  She's exceedingly responsive and a pleasure to work with.  With her help, I'm sure I'll be able to get unstuck and pursue my life's passion."    

                                                                                                                                  Serafina Medici                                                                                                                                   Toronto, Canada
Aid Worker with 10 Years International Experience
Dear Ann,

With some persistence and time, my new CV resulted in two offers in the same week.
In the end I was able to choose between two East African countries.
My wife and I are headed to Tanzania. Thanks for the help.

 See how to get help with your cover letter and resume.                                                  Holland
International Development
"Ann has gone to great lengths to understand what exactly I was looking for & more importantly what I needed. She has succeeded in giving me direction and I now honestly feel I know what I want to achieve and how to do it."  

                                                                                                                                  Niamh Browne, Ireland

c. Eleanore McCorkle
Psychologist: International Mental Health and Torture & Trauma
"My consult with Ann helped me to clarify and articulate my unique career and
personal vision. She talked me through my significant life experiences, showed me
how they impact on my career, provided practical advice and validated that I have
what it takes to create my dream career path.   How illuminating and delightful!"

  Nicole Monteiro
                                                                              Washington, DC, USA

Forging New Paths in International Development
"Thank you, Ann, for your Career Consult!!! I was skeptical at first, but you took my cultural background, work experience
and skills, and presented me with a career in international development that I didn't even know existed!"
                                                                                                                                  A. Adeyemi

Communications, Television, Public Relations

"I used NGO Abroad in order to find out more about the ways in which I can search and enter the humanitarian and development career fields.  Ann was most helpful and really thought through what I said to her, coming up with ideas and suggestions that were innovative and new to me - not just the same old stuff that you read on website after website.  I would recommend NGO Abroad to anyone who is feeling lost or discouraged from entering such fields of work."

                                                                                                                                   Michelle Gimblett
                                                                                                                                   Auckland, New Zealand
Medicine & Public Health
"Ann, these Lists[Roadmaps] of paid openings are AMAZING. Some resources that I knew but many I had never heard of."

                                                                                                                                   Faith Barash MD
                                                                                                                                   Baltimore, USA
"Ann, you've given me great assistance & direction in breaking into international nursing. The information that you sent me is thorough, individualized, and would have taken me years to navigate on my own. I could not put a price on all the
hard work and time that you've put into this for me. I can honestly say that this
is one of the best decisions I've made, and worth every penny and then some."

                                                                                  Heather Griffith RN
                                             born Ontario, Canada; now in Pacific Islands

Social Work

"...the info you gave me is so comprehensive it will literally be a reference for a lifetime."

                                                                                                                                  Teresa Bennett
                                                                                                                                  Jersey City, NJ
Business Development
"Ann, this is simply staggering: a massive amount of relevant data on organizations, including both volunteer
and paid positions overseas.  I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much for your effort.”

                                                                                                                                   John Kapteyn
                                                                                                         Atlanta, Georgia

From Accounting to Social Work
"I left Indonesia after the riots. I now live in Australia and work as an accountant,
but I think that I would be happier in Social Work.

I stumbled to the NGOabroad site when I was searching for volunteering
opportunities. So I decided to email Ann, and the response was incredibly quick, and very different. Ann gave me the reassurance that the things that I wanted to do are not beyond my reach, that there are different steps to go about it, and opened up a different way of thinking about volunteering altogether. She was also very frank and honest with her answers, and in some ways also comforting without trying to buoy
me into false hope. I now have her comprehensive list that she custom made for
me, and have begun the search for my own unique volunteering experience.

Karima Baadilla
                                                                             Melbourne, Australia


International Development

"Since recently graduating from university, I decided to pursue a career in International Development. While I knew that this was what I wanted to do, like many I was unsure of which path to take or how to go about my search. However, through her engaging Career Consult and extensive List of Opportunities, especially "Places to Begin", Ann provided me with inspiration, guidance and, more importantly, a direction and focus which I had previously lacked."

                                                                                                                                        Khalil Kasem
                                                                                                                                        London, England

"You know what I hate? I looked at her. I nodded. Numbness. It creeps up, builds this wretched wall when you don't realize it, and then BAM one day, you don't feel.

We both sat and watched each train go by, destination after destination. Faces after faces get on and off. Each with a ticket, each with a destination, each with a baggage. We were just sitting, waiting, wishing, watching. I wish we could go here or there. She laughed.  Nodded. Well . Buy a ticket then babe. I shoved her off her seat. We stood up.

How was work today she asked. Work? Ok. I listened to myself. Just ok? Sitting, waiting, wishing I could do more. Watching others grabbing opportunities, passionate, excited, with a cause. And I am right here on the sidelines. As much as I am thankful for the job I have, I am hungry. I am not satisfied. Deep down I am convinced there's more.
I was surprised by how well Ann understood where I wanted to go. I described it and she figured it out. She helped me ascertain the destination, offered me the road map and pointed me the door, she even gave me a compass. She expressed the destination, put it to me in graspable terms, and assured me that it not only existed, it is reachable."

                                                                                                                                                Raina Ng
                                                                                                                  from Malaysia to New Zealand
                                                                                          from law to writing & international development
A Climb not a Leap
Getting paid international humanitarian work is very competitive.

It is rare for someone to jump into paid work in one leap.
It is a series of steps to gain the necessary experience.

The Career Consult + Roadmap of Resources- our "1-2 punch"

is designed to sort out what you really, really want to do;
develop your strategies and carefully plot your course;
 then point you the resources.

A Roadmap gives the routes that you might take, from the very beginning to advanced.
It shows you the playing field; the important organizations in your field.

Most people need a first opportunity where they do not have to compete and struggle
to get a foot in the door. We often provide those critical first inroads,
perhaps one of our challenging Volunteer Programs.

Entering internat'l work is a climb

Do we guarantee a job? Wow! I wish it was that easy!
We are career counselors that specialize in international development work.
Not only can we help point you in the right direction (where your skills match to jobs)
but we can pull resources from our database, developed over the last 15 years.

A Consult is a great start but, like other career counseling, follow-up is wise.
For many people a Cover Letter & Resume Overhaul is also what they need.

Entering international humanitarian paid work is like an arduous climb.
Rarely can you have the glory of the summit without all the sweat & work.
What you learn along the way is what is crucial.
Employers prefer solid skills built over time.

We get a large number of people interested in International Social Work,
and Psychology please see more information here.



                                                       NGOabroad is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)