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What I do
Fee & How to Pay
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Resume Maker!

Like a coach,

I know what we need to do to help you win:

1. compelling resume & cover letter that grabs the employer
    You've got 87 seconds to convince an employer they should hire you.
    They pile through mounds of applications. How do you stand out?

    Don't miss the point of the cover letter & thus the job.

    Ann McLaughlin MSW, who brings 25 years of experience, preaches:
    "The cover letter is critical; it is the first thing the employer reads.

    If you send a crummy cover letter, they won't read your resume."

write a professional resume that struts your skills & experience
    Learn how to write a resume that "sings" rather than being flat. 
Learn how to not get swallowed when submitting to databases.

3. ace the interview
    I am both encouraging & honest about what leads to victory. 

    The job search can be challenging. I am here to help. 

"Ann's consultation was affordable & worth every penny. She really knows her stuff!"     


I teach you to:

       -- whittle your message to the bare bones.
          -- think from the employer's point of view.
          -- how to package & present yourself.    

          -- inject life!
             You've got 87 seconds to sway them to think: "We want this person on our team!"
"I call these "resume and cover letter
          --because usually we de-construct then reconstruct."
          --Most people require a root canal rather than a filling.

Have incapacitating job interview jitters?    
         -- Some of the things that I used to teach for  test anxiety, work well for interviews.
         -- I not only have some interview tips and practice interview questions;
            we will practice & polish. I will act like a theater director. "Cut! Take if from the top!"  

Like a coach,
I hone in and comment on how you can do something better.

Whether it is with resume, cover letter or interviewing,
I build & beef up your skills.

Rather than write for you or give you a boiler plate,

I help you build skills that you will use all your life.

Resume Righter is better than Resume Writer!
o I write it for you?

Only in a pinch...like guy who had 3 days before deadline and was getting on a plane in 4 hours
It is much less expensive to edit your attempts and coach:
so you get both product & process.
Many people tell me how much they learned. We bat the draft back & forth, polishing it further.

Like our Career Counseling/ Coaching services, we do Cover Letter/ Resume & Interview Help
for people aiming for international AND domestic jobs.  We work with people all over the world.

work. sweat. polish it more. inspiration. perspiration. work until midnight, work more.  get it?   then...got it!   sweet victory.

Comments on the Resume Services
Yes! Got the Job: AIDS in Africa
"I am now working for
one of the organizations I had always dreamed of working with; one of the places I sent the resume & cover letter that we worked on & they looked forward to hearing from me.

It’s the right job for my masters in international healthcare management. There is nothing as nice as making use of the skills one has invested resources to acquire.

The  resume & cover letter were an opportunity to market my skills to potential employers.  I was in a dilemma: I had little experience in the healthcare field but an excellent Master's education with expensive loans to pay off. The resume & cover letter were my saving graces; the only way to convince employers what I had to offer."

                                                                                                             Jovita Amurwon
                                                                                                             Kampala, Uganda
Entering International Humanitarian Work
"Ann, you have taught me so much more about resume and cover letter writing than anything else
that I have ever been taught or learned online! Your resume services are extraordinarily helpful.  Thank you!"
                                                                                                              P. Roes
                                                                                                              Canada & UK

"I was in dire need of help to learn how to write  a resume to get for the perfect job that had just opened up. And on top of that it needed to get done in a tight time frame. Ann responded immediately and listened patiently and attentively to what I thought I had to offer.  Ann is an ace resume builder: She helped me transform my resume & cover letter from a SUPER DRY, BORING read, to one where the right experience and skills were highlighted in a figurative and lively way. Aprendes mucho acerca de como debes resaltar tu experiencia! La recomiendo 100%.

                                                                                                            Ecuador  & Toronto, Canada
 Yes! Got the Job: Monitoring & Evaluation
"After seven weeks of frustration with re-writing cover letters and resumes with no results, I contacted Ann.  She not only helped me to revamp a weak resume and cover letter into ones with strong, illustrative examples of my skills and experience, but also assisted in streamlining my career goals.  Ann is clear and concise with her comments and critiques, and injects fun and wit into the entire process." 

Later: "Ann, I wanted to let you know that I got a job at a nonprofit evaluation consulting firm in DC. Thanks so much for your incredible resume writing services and all the help!"

                                                                                                             Laura Ostenso
                                                                                                             San Jose, USA
Human Rights/ Women's Rights
"Ann me ayudó bastante a mejorar el estilo de mi CV y el de mi carta de presentación o interés. Gracias a sus observaciones mi CV se ve mucho mas organizado y fácil de leer. La carta de interés que ella escribió basándose en mi original fue una sorpresa: directa y al punto. Lo que mas me gustó de sus servicios es su disposición inmediata. De seguro, después de que le escribas, ella te contestará o te llamará en poco tiempo, a veces en pocos minutos. Ella también te hace sentir que eres una persona que tiene algo que ofrecer, y eso es gratificante."

                                                                                                             Maytte Restrepo-Ruiz
                                                                                                             Bogota, Colombia
Public Health
"Ann's fees are very low compared to others so were affordable on our two-small-kids family budget.  Her resume & cover letter services are worth every penny.  I learned so much from her.  She really knows her stuff!"

                                                                 Name? Confidential--so employer doesn't know they are thinking of leaving
Yes! Got the Interview
"I don't have to pay you each time your predictions come true, do I? [Ann predicted that the cover letter & resume that we labored over would yield an invitation to interview.] I have a phone interview on Monday. Thank you again."

If you want  these services,
Please answer Questionnaire & embed with resume in email to info@NGOabroad.com.
    Put you name, phone and what you are requesting in subject line.

Services are a la carte.
     I will phone you & we will decide which service
     or combination of services will be most helpful to you.

3. This 10-15 minute intake is free of charge.    

4. Later, when we have determined what services will be most helpful to you,
     I will ask you to send job announcement, cover letter & resume sent as attachments
     so I can scribble all over them.

5. Done by email and phone or Skype. So I am definitely an online resume builder
It is important to have internet & phone or Skype access.
Fee= $50/hour
1. My  fees are a fraction of other services,
They are intentionally more affordable and frugal.   
 I have seen services that cost $375-$500 for your resume alone!

2. Most Cover Letter + CV Resume Overhauls (put together)
     take 2-5 hours, most often 3 hours.
Payments are made via Paypal buttons on Apply page.


Career Services: Combo or a la Carte
See Humanitarian Work page.

A Career Consult is designed to complement the Cover Letter/Resume Consult
      but they can be done separately...whatever fits for you.
      These Consults are for people seeking domestic or international work from all walks of life.
The Roadmap to International Resources is for people entering or advancing in international work, our specialty.
If you select all of the services, they are best done in the following order:
1. Career Consult      $75/hour

     Together we identify your strengths & what motivates you to build your launching pad;
clarify your goals and see how they jibe with the world of international work;
     design strategies and plot the practical steps to your goal.
     "A Consult is a bridge from where you are now to where you want to be."    

2. Personalized Roadmap to International Resources     $300; $400

    A Roadmap gives you the (international) resources to realize your goal; it shows you the road.
Most people entering international work do not know how it is organized,
    what the opportunities are or how to go about their search.
    This is a treasure trove of opportunities from beginning to more advanced
         and custom fit to your skills and aspirations.

3. Cover Letter & Resume Overhaul. Interview Practice    $50/hr



                                                   NGOabroad is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)