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SUMMARY: Want to volunteer abroad or work abroad? Great! NGOabroad provides affordable, customized  volunteer abroad programs and helps people enter or advance in working abroad in humanitarian work. Aiming to go into international development?  We offer key career services: career coach / career counselling; and resume builder and cover letter tips. Our international volunteer opportunities and international internships have more depth because they tackle the pressing challenges of our time. So our emphasis is skilled volunteering for student volunteers & professional volunteers. We also have Gap Year programs. Come see the world, and serve the world!

NGOabroad: a unique service that helps you enter or advance in international humanitarian work
& provides affordable, tailored-to-you international volunteer programs.

Interested? Please email briefly answered Questionnaire & resume to:

People come with their dreams to our door; we tailor services to help you knit dream to action. We harness the creativity of ordinary citizens, believing all problems are solved this way. A one-stop-shop for people that want to serve. We have 2 threads to what we offer – Volunteer Abroad and Work Abroad – they can be intertwined or not, depending on what is most useful to you.

Volunteer Abroad Programs in:

People tell us that we are different than anything else found on the web:

~ Affordable! 1/3 the price of most Volunteer Abroad Programs
~ Custom fit vs one-size-fits all so “more bang for your buck”.
~ Great for people of all ages – from Gap Year to retirees/ Boomers
~ Offer sophisticated opportunities that require skills
    and for people  needing experience to enter humanitarian work
~ Flexible schedule that can often fit to what you need

Vision: Humanity has so many challenges; but so many willing to help.
Mission: Harness your skills  to tackle humanity’s real challenges.

Skill based volunteering. Wide variety of skills needed – both students & seasoned professionals – in our volunteer abroad programs: Social work, psychology, trauma counselors, education, early childhood education, nurses, doctors, public health, water & sanitation, nutrition,  business, micro-finance, entrepreneurship, engineering, solar, environmental, farming, public administration, political science, democracy building, human rights, law, refugees, peace building, yoga, the trades, grant writing, youth workers & people who love kids.


Work in International Development

We have 4  services that are designed to help you enter or advance in work abroad:

~ A wise place to start
~ Learn the ropes & prerequisites
~ Employers want strong skills & experience build over time.
    Let’s plot your career path.
~ Ann brings 25 years international & counseling experience
    to power pack Career Counselling


“Speaking to Ann was terrific: she helped me see doors that I never knew were there; she challenged me to think in new ways. I really felt that Ann understood me and where I want to go. Most important, she had great ideas on how to get there.”                   Neal, Ireland

~ Most  employers want 3-5 years international experience.
~ We have built volunteer programs that give the necessary experience!
~ See info above about international volunteer programs

3. Roadmap of Resources

~Most people do not know what is out there or “the lay of the land”
    regarding international NGO jobs
~ Job boards show you only a fraction of the job vacancies!
~ A Roadmap is a treasure trove of resources
    to show you how to get, step-by-step, to your career goal. 

 “Ann’s Roadmap helped me land a job in Micronesia. 
…Ann demonstrated an uncanny ability to get to the (spiritual?) heart of the question: “What is it YOU want to DO?” and then relate the answer to an impressive list of real & practical opportunities. What more does one need?!”                  Sid Merritt, UK

~ Need a  compelling cover letter & resume?
Certainly you do when you compete with people from all over the world!
~ Learn how to present your skills & contribution
    so that your CV is thrown in the “keep” pile!

Interested in our Career Services or Volunteer Abroad Programs?
First please read Work Abroad or Volunteer Abroad webpages.
Please email answered Questionnaire & resume to:

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