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 International Volunteering & Careers

NGOabroad is a unique service that helps you enter or advance in international humanitarian work
and provides affordable, customized international volunteer opportunities.
People come with their dream to our door;
we tailor services to help you knit dream to action.

We harness the creativity of ordinary citizens,
believing that all problems are solved this way.

A one-stop-shop for people that want to serve.

Let's discuss which services fit for you.


  ~More bang for your buck; 1/ the price.
   ~More challenge... for students & older.  
~See how & where your skills are needed.
   ~in Africa, Asia, MENA  or the Americas.

a. International Career Counseling.

   ~Learn the ropes & prerequisites.
   ~Employers need strong skills & experience
     built over time. Let's plot your path.

b. Roadmap of Resources

   ~Seeking international work? Consult + Roadmap,
     will save you years of futile frustration.
Roadmap is packed with current job openings
     & the organizations to watch for openings.

   ~Perfect for special requests ("I always wanted to..

c. Cover Letter & Resume Overhauls
 Learn how to "get your foot in the door." 

The Muslim stilt-village of Ko Panyi, Thailand
                                                                   Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli   
ead website first please then answer Questionnaire.
  Takes 10-15 minutes & is essential foundation for services.
  We call after getting your Questionnaire or when you are up in queue.
  Questions? Partial Questionnaire gives us essential background.
  Email embedded (do not attach) Questionnaire & resume to:

We have 2 threads to what we offer;
they can be intertwined or not, depending on what is most useful to you:

Humanitarian Work

 Volunteer Abroad

About Us

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         Sorry for the mess.

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    NGOabroad is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Washington State Business License: #602-728-358